In a previous post, it was mentioned that there has been some revision to the fixture and the D3 groupings. Instead of the initial two groups of six teams, there is now four groups of three teams.

The top finishers of each groups were seeded and the others align with them. Each team is now expected to play three games in this phase with the top two advancing to the next phase.

Below are the groupings:

Group A

  1. Dreamers
  2. Spatacus
  3. Ka – Rockets

Group B

  1. Vision Shooters
  2. Caldwell Pacers
  3. Reba Legends

Group C

  1. Flip Stars
  2. Monrovia Bolts
  3. T – Gray

Group D

  1. Raiders II
  2. Sports & Leadership
  3. Hoops Care

There you have it. Who you think can not make it to the next round? Which matchup you excited about? Which is the group of death? Let us know in the comment.