A reliable source from within the Desert Knights team has informed us that the team might not be able to honor all its upcoming matches.

“The relocation to the SKD is a heavy financial burden to us,” complained the source.

While others might be keeping silent on the issue of relocation because of the backlash that sometimes comes with the turf, others see it as an opportunity to show who has the bucks this time.

The Technical Advisor of IE was heard stating that teams with no money will now be exposed.

Is it an issue of no money or an issue of basketball facing further crisis in that players’ love for the game will dwindle because of finances?

It is disheartening that the decision might almost be similar to the rains, in that fans might attend a game only to find out that it is a forfeit match.

We hope the Knights Boys will be able to secure the necessary help to complete their season as a lot of work was put into this squad.