I.E. came running into the gym led by John Reed at the front. A testament that tonight is one of those nights they came ready to work. Not wanting to leave with nothing less than a victory.

Bushrod Bulls walked into the gym, casually, like a walk in the newly constructed ‘Invincible Park’ as if it was like, we got the W already.

Both teams’ entries spoked volume even before the jump ball on who needed it badly.

Bushrod Bulls had defeated the Invincible Boys in the first phase of the 2022 LBA league season. That was then, now is now. We are in phase two where as the Liberian saying goes, baboons will divide kola!

I.E. started with a very high tempo. Taking a ten point lead which they would hang on to for most of the first half. They came ready.

Even the Bulls full court press was easily destroyed each time it was set up. Peter Doe, from the middle of the court, was the catalyst in breaking the press. The vet, with a calm composure, easily found his cutters for easy plays.

Bushrod Bulls took a brief lead in the third quarter after they had a 6-0 run to close the first half and started the third on the same note.

Shaun Eastman was not ready to go down. He relentlessly attacked the Bulls defense. He remains I.E. leader and this night had 20PTS and was four of eight from the line. He made use of his driving abilities, side stepping his defenders on the way to the rim to make amends for his bad shooting night from behind the arc. He was 0-8 from that range.

Eugene Fahnbulleh had a breakout night as well, scoring 13PTS. John Reed facilitated most of the plays with the balls passing through him to other players. Most of his drive and kick didn’t yield his expected outcome and when he decided to take matters in his own hands had some easy misses to the frustration of his coaches.

Bushrod Bulls struggled for most part of the game to keep up with the pace of their opponents which seemed to be a step ahead every time. A team accustomed to fast break points had a taste of their own medicine.

Carlos Marshall and Richlue Roberts both had double doubles, 14PTS, 13REB and 11PTS, 13REB respectively. Richlue in a discussion with Liberiabasketball.net after the game stated:

I feel bad for the L tonight. I have been sick recently. But trust me I’ll come harder on Barrolle this coming Saturday

That could be a factor for one individual player, but word reaching us states that there are serious internal issues going on right now in the Bulls camp. A source not authorized to speak on the issues stated that players are yet to receive financial benefits promised them.

Whatever might be going on needs to be resolved cause I.E. has shown that they are very much beatable and as the saying goes, when the elephant is killed everyone gathers for a piece of the meat.

Do you think this is the beginning of the fall of the Bulls? Let us know in the comment.


Full Game Video Courtesy Bulls Media Team


C. Marshall SF – BUS
14           5/11         4/8
PTS           FG           FT

S. Eastman G – INV
20             8/18         4/8
PTS           FG            FT


R. Roberts F – BUS
13              5             8

J. Reed  SF – INV
6               4            2


F. Marshall F – BUS
2                3
AST            TO

S. Eastman G – INV
3                1
AST            TO

  • BUS
  • INV
  • BUS
  • INV
  • BUS
  • INV
  • BUS
  • INV