Muta Toure, the shot blocker of the LPRC Oilers has been inactive for a while now. Chocho as he is also known as, sustained a broken arm during the National County Sport Meet.

Muta Toure absence from the league has created a void in in his Oilers squad which can not be easily fill. His absence has had the team to run small ball offence to make do.

Chocho injury came after he went for a successful put-back dunk after a missed shot by the President of the Republic of Liberia, His Excellency Dr. George M. Weah. He slipped off the rim and landed awkwardly on his arm, which lead to a fracture of his radius.

Initially he sort treatment from a local doctor. A second observation noticed that the bones were not align. Been an athlete it is paramount to have the bone reset by a specialist.

Muta was then flown to Dubai to undergo operation and have the hand reset.

Emmanuel Perry, teammate of Chocho, wrote on the LPRC Oilers Basketball Fan Page:

Bless God for a teammate and brother for a successful surgery in Dubai.. Fans plz welcome home your player Cho Cho as he arrive today from dubai after a successful surgery…During This Gone County Sport Meet while playing for the President County Grand Kru His arm got broken and was taken to Dubai for treatment so on behalf LPRC Oilers Basketball Family I Want to Thank His Excellence Dr George Manneh Weah For Sponsoring his Treatment…

A phone call by to his number went unanswered.

We wish our big player a speedy recovery. Get well soon and we can’t wait for those all-star blocks!!!!