A citation circulating on social media was spotted by Liberia Basketball Network (LBN). The citation was posted by the Vice President of Operations, Mr. Edwin Fahnbulleh on the official Facebook Group of the LBA.

The citation is calling on all presidents of the teams which have qualified for the Big six for an official meeting to be held on Saturday at 11:00AM in the Conference Room at the Sports Commission on Broad Street.

Matters to be discussed include but not limited to the Big Six, Final Four and the Finals. It is expected that the next round of fixtures will be released at the meeting as well as congratulatory letters for each of the teams.

The teams qualify in each divisions:



  1. Mighty Barrolle
  2. NPA Pythons
  3. LPRC Oilers
  4. Invincible Eleven
  5. Bushrod Bulls
  6. Cestos Mogars

Female Division

  1. Commissioners
  2. Invincible Eleven
  3. Vision Angels
  4. Desert Ladies
  5. Hoops Angels
  6. D-Rockas


  1. Visioneers
  2. Highway Kings
  3. Kardinal
  4. Sac Base
  5. Barnesville Dragons
  6. Royal Legends

The Third Division Top 8 teams fixture is also expected to be release on Saturday.