‘DJ Khaled’ of the LBA just released ‘ANOTHER ONE!’

It has become accustomed for a revision of the league fixture when it is released. There are times tweaks are needed to spice things up and this is one of these times.

The revision is expected to have fans regularly attend upcoming games.

The are no major changes in the D2 schedule as they are all matches needed to finish their first phase of the league.

The major changes are in the Division III wherein instead of two groups of six teams, it has been broken into four groups of three teams. Three teams are expected to play each other with two advancing.

This is to limit the number of games if it were to be a group of six in an all play all format.

There are interesting pairings which we will be updating on the website very soon.

Division One has Mighty Barrolle playing their first phase two game on Wednesday against Monrovia Pistons.

As it stands this might be the final revised fixture but as we know, DJ Khaled always cooking another one!!!


Revised Fixture