Georgia Warriors and Barnesville Dragons is a match to behold. Both are coming off hard fought victories.

Georgia Warriors comeback win is fresh on the minds of many. How they did it through their ace, Gonleseh Gaikolo was amazing. Note that he is never in a battle alone. There are other Warriors who always chip in in getting the W’s.

Leroy Coleman and Stanley Jeh are sidekicks on the team. Both are averaging 9.5PPG and 8.0PPG respectively. If they are looking to win this matchup, then it means either both of them as well as other teammates will really need to contribute to GFour 17.0PPG

Barnesville Dragons on their end will need to slow down GFour, who seems to be unstoppable.

Barnesville Dragons shocked the D2 world by defeating then unbeaten Bushrod Ballers. To some it was no surprise as the team has been playing well in recent times.

Elijah Mulbah is leading in scoring for the ‘Dragons.’ He is currently averaging 11.1PPG and 9.1RPG.

Fitzgerald Collins and Togaba Seward are the next two scoring leaders on the team averaging 11.0PPG and 10.3PPG respectively.

Togaba is their long range shooter. In seven games he is 16-64 which is 25.0% for the season. He will need to have a good shooting day at the office to maintain his average.

Philip Taylor is the catalyst on the team. He is the most vocal player. You find him either playing mind games with his opponents or gingering his team mates to play better, even when on the bench for a breath up.

One thing is certain, one team will walk away the winner., from statistical analysis, has Barnesville Dragons having an edge. But this is D2, anything can happen these days.

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