William Gittens has been contemplating for some time now regarding playing basketball this season. “I am unhappy that my team Visioneers decided to repeat the second division even though we fought to qualify the team to the top division. I don’t want to play D2,” Gittens said when approached on why he was yet to be seen in action this season.

William Gittens was introduced into the competitive league by Visioneers which he won the third division with. He was also part of the squad which came second last season that had the team automatically qualified to the D1 but decided to repeat because they wanted their players to have more experience as they were mostly young.

Boy Blue as he is affectionately called by many was also part of the 2021 basketball County-meet championship team where he played alongside the President of the Republic, Dr. George Weah for Grand Kru County. Boy Blue suffered an injury during the final that had him out for over four months thus many awaited his return with great expectations.

Which team he would be associated with was anyone’s guess until last night when he debuted for the fast rising Bushrod Bulls who lost to the Oilers 68-63.

When he checked in midway in the first quarter, there was a roar from many in attendance.

Boy Blue is noted for his marksmanship and it showed as in his fits attempt from beyond the arc he made it. He went on to hit another and was two of three from long range for the night before he collapsed on the floor gripping his knee after an attempted rebound. He had 11PTS for the night in less than 15 minutes off the bench.

LNB reached out to him this morning; “I want the fans to know that I am doing fine. No lie, I have been feeling a lot of pain, but I am undergoing treatment and the swell in my knee is now reduced. I expect to be back once I am much better.”

There is currently no time frame for his return and we are following closely to update our readers as soon we have more details. We wish the young star a speedy recovery.

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