Thomas Bropleh was born in New York City, NY on August 17th, 1991 to Liberian parents. He then grew up in Denver Colorado, and went to high school at George Washington High School. This school is the same school as 2004 NBA Finals MVP Chauncey Billups.

He then went to prep school for a year at New Hampton Prep school in New Hampton, New Hampshire. It is considered as the best prep high school basketball league in the United States. He received multiple Division 1 scholarship offers and decide to go to Boise State University where he would play 4 years and make the NCAA Tournament one season.

After that he went to play in Germany 2nd division in Paderborn where he would start his professional basketball career. He has played in Portugal, France, China, and the past 5 seasons in Spain. Now, he is playing for Coviran Granada in the ACB 1st division in Spain which many consider as the best domestic basketball league after the NBA.

This is a camp to further develop basketball in Monrovia area and bring knowledge I’ve learned throughout my basketball career. Knowledge is only powerful when it is passed down and the ideas, beliefs, and values I’ve received from basketball has made me the person I am today. I am looking forward to coming back to my home country and giving back the knowledge I’ve acquired over my amateur and professional career. I look forward to seeing all the campers– boys and girls, and am excited for the future of basketball in Liberia and being apart of it. Step by step.

LBN, in order to  get to know more about the event, had a Q&A with the Liberian professional;

“What is the objective of the event?”
The objective of the event is to first and foremost see the youth of Monrovia and Liberia playing
basketball. Two, helping them with their skill development and get them to think differently
about skills and workout methods that have helped me reach where I am today.

“Who is the target audience for the event?”
The target audience is anyone and everybody involved with the youth development of
basketball. This is something that can become yearly and can help benefit the youth and allow
them to use basketball in their favor and in life.

“What is the registration process for participants?”
We have a google registration form that we are using as of now. Also, people on the ground
have printed out registration forms. This year it won’t be a big camp, but we expect to have
120 campers over 3 age groups.

“What is the theme or topic of the event?”
The theme of the event is “Skill development and knowledge for the next generation”.

“How many attendees are expected to attend?”
We expect 100-120 participants. Because we only have one gym to use this year, we have to
keep numbers downs so all campers and benefit from the camp and get better.

“What is the format of the event?”
The format of the camp will be basically broken down into two objectives. One will be the
basketball objective on the court, which will be working on skills and different elements of the
game on the court. On the other hand, plyometric and balance development off the court with
different drills to keep the body strong, athletic, all while improving agility and speed.

“Who are the key speakers or presenters for the event?”
We have key speakers lined up although the entire list is not available at this time, that will be
out in May so everyone knows who will be speaking.

“What kind of technical or logistical support will be provided during the event?”
The YMCA has basically taken on this event, they will help us out a lot. The director at the
YMCA, Stone, is spearheading all the work on the ground for the event. It was important to find
a venue for the first year of the camp and I think we have found that in the YMCA.

“Who are the key sponsors or partners for the event?”
Our main sponsors is BUKONJADEH GROUP OF COMPANIES. They will provide support
during the whole weekend of camp.

“How will attendees be registered for the event?”
We are looking at having between 100-120 campers for the event.

“How will the success of the event be measured and evaluated?”
The success of the camp will be evaluated by how the campers leave on Sunday and the
feedback we get from them. They have two days to get better and I think the knowledge I’ll
bring will benefit all the campers.


In order to register for the camp, kindly fill the Google Form by clicking here.