The Mighty Barrolle are rolling in the 2024 Division One Season, undefeated and hungry for a historic three-peat championship. But are they satisfied with their roster? Here at LBN, we think there’s always room for improvement.

During a recent practice session, a new face caught our eye – sitting on the bleachers was Anthony Chukwurah, the Barrolle’s newly acquired import player. The 27-year-old Nigerian power forward brings a wealth of experience, having played in his home country with Hoops & Read, as well as stints in South Africa, Mozambique, and even the Basketball Africa League.

While Chukwurah expressed his eagerness to learn more about Liberian basketball (admitting he could only find a few articles!), his teammates remained cautiously optimistic. “We haven’t seen him play yet,” said Julius Kpakolo, echoing the sentiment of Abraham Petros.

However, Coach Sylvanus Yakubu,  sees Chukwurah, nicknamed “Tony Montana,” as a valuable addition to the already talented squad. Referencing a proverb from his native Nigeria, Coach Yakubu said, “If you are beautiful, bath more.” In other words, there’s always room to add to your strengths.

Coach Sylvanus Yakubu is a former national team player of Nigeria.

Intrigued by what Chukwurah brings to the table, we dug up a highlight video – and let’s just say, he looks impressive!

Here at LBN, we’re eager to see how Chukwurah integrates with the existing Mighty Barrolle squad. Will his experience and skillset seamlessly blend with the team’s rhythm? Can he adapt to the Liberian playstyle? The upcoming games will be a fascinating watch.

One thing’s for certain: the Barrolle’s dominance has the rest of the Division One Season on high alert. With Chukwurah’s potential addition to the mix, the race for the championship just got a whole lot more interesting. Be sure to tune in and share your thoughts – do the Barrolle have what it takes to achieve a three-peat, or will another team rise to the challenge? Let us know in the comments below!