In Liberia’s basketball scene, there’s always talk about different players – some seen as flashy, some as troublemakers, and others as solid defenders. But among them, there’s James Bedeah, who doesn’t always get the attention he deserves. He recently spoke up, saying his name doesn’t come up enough in discussions, even though he’s a key player for Mighty Barrolle.

“I don’t see my name mentioned anywhere in your articles,” James Bedeah mentioned in a discussion with Liberia Basketball Network. Every young cats out there always talk about me when they are about to play Mighty Barrolle, he chipped in.

James believe that he has paid his due to his team, giving them back to back championships especially the way he did it. “I earned my respect on Barrolle, from a role player to now the go to guy in the starting five,” James went on.

James has a history worth noting. He started playing in the U.S. with RI Storm in AAU under Coach Jamie Benton. Later, he played at CCRI in intramural leagues before moving to Ghana. There, he represented Liberia in college leagues and national teams like CEPS and Nima Flames. After a break, he returned to basketball with the Roots Basketball Association, wanting to help Mighty Barrolle succeed.

James’ son, Dougy

Aside from his own achievements, James has passed on his love for basketball to his three kids. His son Dougy is following in his footsteps, even catching the eye of other coaches because he plays like his dad.

James giving his son instructions at one of their game

Despite all this, James doesn’t get as much recognition as some other players, especially those from abroad. Mighty Barrolle might have a lot of talent, but James’ role isn’t always noticed, even though it’s crucial for the team’s success.

So, is James Bedeah the most underrated player in the LBA D1? Maybe. But his story reminds us of the many players who work hard behind the scenes, making important contributions even if they don’t always get the spotlight. Let’s not forget about players like James Bedeah, who embody the true spirit of the game.