The LBA D3 first round is nearing its end, but whispers are only starting to emerge about the teams battling it out. This division, brimming with raw talent that could be the future of Liberian basketball, is flying under the radar of most sports journalists, blogs, and fans.

However, one team is starting to turn heads: the Knight Reapers.

Their undefeated D3 record isn’t the only reason they’re grabbing attention. It’s their recent victories in friendly matches against higher-ranked Division Two teams that have tongues wagging. First, they edged out the Georgia Warriors 59-54 on May 11th. Then, just yesterday, they dominated the Global Spartans (Pythons) 78-65.

Now, it’s important to note that both these D2 teams are currently outside the top 7. But these wins still send a strong message: the Knight Reapers mean business.

With the D3 season far from over, there are certainly other contenders to consider. But for now, the Knight Reapers have stolen the spotlight, leaving everyone wondering if they can maintain their momentum and claim the D3 crown.

One thing’s for sure: the LBA D3 is no longer a sleeping giant. With the Knight Reapers leading the charge, all eyes will be on this exciting division as the season unfolds.