LTC Mobile in the initial stage had shown strong support for Bushrod Bulls. Hon. Richmond N. Tobii, Managing Director of LTC Mobile was usually seen at every game last season when the Bulls were in action. The final decision to support Bulls however came when Bushrod Bulls defeated Harbel Pointers who had brought in two Malians imports.

This season, news within the basketball circle hinted that the LTC management also douse out Two Thousand United States Dollars ($2,000) for the signing of players. This fund was used to successfully sign  Will Collingwood, Richlue Roberts, Wallace Seongbea and to convince Carlos Marshall who was linked to a transfer deal with Mighty Barrolle to stay on.

During the preseason it was clear that it was a done deal as photos floating on social media showed players signing within the LTC premises as well as displaying their newly acquired jerseys.

Bushrod Bulls has since been playing with the LTC logo on the front of the jerseys.

Fast forward to today, information from a highly placed official within the Bulls organization states that the deal is at a deadlock or perhaps dead. “LTC will no longer support us,” the official said, speaking unanimously as he was not authorized to speak on the matter.

“There are other members within management who are not happy because their preferred sport is not basketball,” the source concluded.

More in-depth details were given to Liberia Basketball Network regarding the collapsed agreement which point to the funds now being diverted to the Invincible Eleven Soccer team.

Liberia Basketball Network is doing its best to get the full details from those authorized to speak on the issue.

Meanwhile, LBN has gotten information that things are in disarray in Logan Town upon receipt of the news of the dead deal.

We encourage the Bulls administration to be steadfast at this time and not to waiver. Their impact in basketball has already been felt and they should approach other entities who we believe will be willing to work with them.

What are your thoughts on this sad news for Liberia basketball and the Bulls in particular? Comment below.