In a transfer move that has left the Liberian basketball scene reeling, Bushrod Bulls’ Fedolph Marshall has sensationally swapped black for red, joining arch-rivals Mighty Barrolle for a record-breaking fee – a hefty $5,000 USD worth of Funyuns corn snacks.

The move, confirmed by both clubs earlier today, has sent shockwaves through the Liberian Basketball Association (LBA) who, in an unprecedented statement, admitted they were powerless to block the transfer. “This is a first-of-its-kind situation for us,” confessed LBA secretary-general. “While the transfer fee is unorthodox, we couldn’t deny the paperwork’s validity. Look, we all have a soft spot for Funyuns, and frankly, 30% of $5,000 worth is a pretty sweet deal.”

Marshall, one of the league’s leading scorer avearaging 17PPG this season, reportedly became disenchanted with the lack of post-match refreshments at Bushrod Bulls. “After putting in a shift like that, all I wanted was a bag of Funyuns,” lamented Marshall. “But the club was always out. Apparently, the budget only stretched to lukewarm water and motivational quotes.”

Mighty Barrolle president is ecstatic with his new acquisition. “Funyuns? Inspiration? We’re offering Fedolph a performance-based contract – a lifetime supply of his favorite flavor for every double-double he scores! We know what motivates our players here at Barrolle.”

Bushrod Bulls fans are understandably distraught. “This is an outrage!” exclaimed a die-hard supporter, Beatrice Freeman. “We can’t compete with Barrolle! Where’s the loyalty? Maybe we should start a supporter’s snack fund.”

One thing’s for sure, the upcoming clash between Bushrod Bulls and Mighty Barrolle is sure to be a spicy affair – both on and off the pitch. Let’s just hope there are enough Funyuns to go around.