John Reed Jr., a fan favorite known for his clutch plays and dazzling passes, has left Liberian basketball enthusiasts scratching their heads. Despite his undeniable talent, Reed’s playing time with the Bushrod Bulls has been surprisingly limited.

Reed’s return from China a few seasons ago was a highlight. As part of the star-studded Harbel Pointers, his buzzer-beater against NPA Pythons in the finals is a moment etched in fans’ memories. His “pass-first” style and court vision are unmatched in the Liberian league.

Last season, Reed led Invincible Eleven to the playoffs, further solidifying his reputation. When news broke of his move to the Bulls this season, fans anticipated him seamlessly replacing Carlos Marshall. However, Reed has only averaged a meager 8 minutes per game across four appearances, translating to a disappointing 1.8 points and 1.3 assists per game.

John Reed at Bulls practice

Reed’s frustration is palpable. “In practice, I dominate,” he confided to LBN. His accusation is clear: Coach Erik Cooper favors players with better attendance over pure talent.

In Coach Cooper’s defense, he acknowledges Reed’s skill but emphasizes the importance of practice attendance to team morale. He promises to find a solution, a sentiment undoubtedly echoed by fans who yearn to see John Reed Jr. back on the court, electrifying the crowd with his signature flair.