Get ready Liberian basketball fans, because there’s royalty returning to the court! In a social media post that has sent shockwaves through the Liberian basketball community, Benita Urey announced the much-anticipated return of the legendary Uhuru Kings and Queens.

Benita Whitney Urey

The post, accompanied by a nostalgic photo featuring past players and officials of the Uhuru Kings, simply reads:

“Liberian basketball get ready! Uhuru Kings/Queens will be back very soon.”

This announcement has ignited excitement amongst fans who have long admired the Uhuru Kings and Queens for their dominance on the court and their dedication to nurturing young Liberian basketball talent. The team’s return promises a new era of competition and a potential resurgence of Liberian basketball.

Details regarding the Uhuru Kings and Queens’ return remain scarce. However, the photo hints at a return to form, with familiar faces promising a blend of veteran experience and fresh talent.

While we eagerly await more information, one thing is certain: Liberian basketball is about to witness the return of a true dynasty. The Uhuru Kings and Queens are back, and they’re ready to reclaim their throne!

The Uhuru Kings last season was in 2008.