Mark Smith in his wisdom has decided to contribute to basketball, but he is not in it alone. He is doing it in collaboration with the musician, B-Fresh, owner of the designer line, iGOTTA GET IT.

Giving back means different things to different people. To some, it is giving time, resources, and donations to their communities, families, and friend groups. To others, it is a sense of appreciation for everything others did for them and a desire to do the same for someone else as much as everyone did for them.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” — Muhammad Ali

In this regard, Liberia Basketball Network is glad to be associated with iGOTTA GET IT Basketball Charity Tournament!!!

In a telephone conversation with one of the major players in organizing this event, Hon.Alphonso S. Kuiah Jr , popularly called AK, stated that one of Liberia’s finest and future Hall of Famer, Mark Smith is the brain behind this basketbal innovation in Liberia.

For those who were around during the heyday of Mark Smith, can attest that he won every individual award which were available at the time. From highest scorer, highest three pointer to the Most Valuable Player Awards.The superstar played for Uhuru Kings and the NPA Pythons. He ended his career with the NPA Pythons. He is also a former national team player.

It is honorable to know that Mark Smith is showing himself as a true face of basketball in Liberia by making sure that the charity is done through the sport we all so love, despite iGOTTA GET IT being a clothing line.

Hon. Alphonso S. Kuiah Jr wants everyone to know the following

“On Sunday, expect unity through sports. We will be taking sports from the grassroots to the top level. We are working with Mama Jama Basketball Program in showcasing some talented children. There will also be the return of some other former stars like Reuben Marshalls, Raphael Quaye, Bashir Toure, Richard Martin, Eric Daniels, Nathaniel Doe etc. Players who contributed immensely to the game of basketball.”

Hon Kuiah stated that this is a unity and incorporated event, therefore he is encouraging stakeholders to come with their fans.

One can already see flyers of players being posted on their social media encouraging their fanbase to be in attendance. Flyers spotted by LBN include Angel Buckle and Hon. James Emmanuel Potter.

There will be matches between former greats as well as a replay of last year LBA finals, LTC Bulls vs Mighty Barrolle.

Proceeds from this event are geared towards supporting children’s education.

“Mark Smith is more like a brother to me. We went to school since the third grade and I am glad he is coming back home to give back,” AK concluded.

The most decorated sports icon, His Excellency King George Weah, might be there? One can never say never, but if we have all the great in Liberia basketball showing up, and knowing that the President is one who puts up at least 40 PTS in games he plays, definitely all would love to see him grace the occasion.

So that’s it! Fans, supporters, stakeholders and well-wishers of basketball in Liberia; all roads lead to the Samuel Kanyon Doe Indoor Gymnasium in Paynesville, this Sunday, March 19, 2023, for this worthy cause.

Gates open at 2PM. Admissions are VIP $5USD and Ordinary $500LD.

I’m not letting the cat out of the bag, but a lot of prizes will be won and given away…oops!!!