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Last season, Visioneers ended their campaign as 1st Runner-Ups to Raiders. That gave them automatic promotion to the top flight basketball league in the country. So why are they still playing in D2?

“What I do is a program,” said Coach Claudius of Visioneers. “My intentions are not compete with this program at the epic level, but to bring up young talented student athletes and expose them through basketball.”

“We wish to develop these young talents and send them up, that is if they want to, and then replace them with young up coming talents.”

That is a fact it seems as some of their players from last season are either outside the country studying and playing basketball all has seek transfer to other clubs in the D1. The like of Fedolph Marshall currently plays for Bushrod Bulls as well as Issac Anosike and Shaquelle Bono who play for LPRC Oilers and Invincible Eleven respectively.

Some players who were sort after, like the likes of Gabriel Richards decided to stay on to guide the young ones been recruited. “I would had love Visioneers to be in D1 but the coach know what is best for the program and it is my intention to help the vision become a reality despite my decision to continue with the club for another season.” Gabriel said.

As it can be recalled, Visioneers won the Third Division, and their match-up this day was against the current D3 Champions T.S. Warriors. Before the encounter, Visioneers had lost their opening two games and was off a win against G-Highlanders. A win would have the team at .500

TS Warriors on the other hand was coming of a three game winning streak.

T.S. Warriors is a heavy favorite for the championship but it seems that journey will now be through their D3 nemesis.