Abraham Malema Ezzeddine, a fanatic supporter of Mighty Barrolle posted on his Facebook page regarding the donation by his club.

The post read:

On Sunday at the opened air sports commission
The head coach of MIGHTY BARROLLEand General Manager of Mano Manufacturing Company Mr Asaad Fadel donated a digital scoreboard to the Liberia Basketball Association.
Congratulations to Mr Asaad Fadel for such donation. We appreciate him and we encourage others to do same. Together, we can move basketball forward

Watch out for another donation

If we are to draw meaning from the post, it seems that there is a high probability of another donation in the pipeline.

Joshua Lumumba Badio commented; “Congratulations, we hope other stakeholders can imitate this man attitude and support our game ”

Many others were positive in that regard.

While many posted a ‘thank you’ note, there are still others who believes that the gift might not be advisable at this time.

Romeo H. Pajibo sounded very cautious, “This is a very good initiative but has a lot of conflicts of interest. That alone has the popencity (sic) to influence results.”

Emmanuel Manzo Wureh had both a question and caveat for the OP:

Abraham Malema Ezzeddine do it really have to be done this way for publicity from a team playing in the league doing the ongoing season SMH. Thanks to him but there are lot that can be say about his donation thou. Am just saying and guess am entitled to my opinion (sic)

A couple of others, like Emmanuel, showed strong disapproval.

We at Liberiabasketball.net welcome the donation and see it as been positive. We trust that Coach Asaad doesn’t waiver from his continuous support to the growth of basketball in Liberia.

Do you have a second opinion about this? Comment below and let us know.