On August 13th, Mighty Barrolle, Vision Shooters, and Invincible Eleven (f) all won their various divisions in the Promoting Peace Through Sports Basketball Tournament. King George Knights also lifted the giant trophy for the division three category.

The tournament brought together athletes from diverse backgrounds to foster unity and harmony. Over twenty teams from all divisions took part in the seven days tournament.

King George Knights defeated Highway Prince to lift the third division trophy. Although they were underdogs coming into the tournament, the lads, coached by Eddie S Philips fought tooth and claws to get past the princes from the RIA Highway.

In the second division, much talk about Highway Kings could not slow the fast pace play of their opponents. Musa Kamara and Hadrian Sebwe kept attacking their paint putting most of their players in foul trouble. The game later went to overtime. Highway Kings fans were in their numbers and evaded the playing surface twice when Samuel Kpa-sarto had a put back dunk. Hadrian won the top rebounder and MVP awards.

Vision Shooters who were underdogs the entire tournament came to play and by the end of the ref whistle, it was all joy for the Vision Basketball program team.

The Invincible Eleven female squad seems to have finally gotten over the Commissioners girls. One main aspect could be last season MVP Michelle Nyanneh leaving them for I.E. Michelle was instrumental in getting IE to the finals and eventually lifting the trophy. Michelle went on to win the MVP and highest rebound awards for the female category.

The grand finale was another replay of the LBA finals between Mighty Barrolle and LTC Bushrod Bulls. Both teams defeated NPA Pythons and Cestos Mogars respectively to get to the final.

Bushrod Bulls had defeated Mighty Barrolle in two previous pre-season matches.

Mighty Barrolle reigned supreme this time around, defeating the Bulls to lift the trophy and take home the cash prize. Joel Martor won the scoring title and the MVP Award,

The Peace Tournament was supported by the Monrovia City Corporation. The Lord Mayor, Jefferson Koijee was in attendance at the finals. He personally handed the trophies to the D3, D2 and female winners.

Overall it was an excellent tournament and also well planned. Congrats to the organizer Wella Baah!