Barrolle got the win over LPRC Oilers, but with also an injury to their go to PG Brian.

At one point in the second half, Samuel Kpannie was on a drive to the bucket, heavily contested by Brian. Both collided with Samuel elbow in the face of his opponent.

It was a scary scene as all watch Brian laying on the floor, blood oozing out of his mouth.

He was led off the floor and attended to by medics. Brian would later return with his mouth fully bandaged to contribute to his team victory.

While most were glad to have seen him return to play, little did fans know that he was actually playing in so much pain.

After seeing a photo shared with it is now certain the Rollers PG might be out couple of game. But knowing Brian, this is not something to hold him back.

“I am doing ok now as compare to day one,” Brian told

“I want my fans to know that I am ok and will be back on the court,” he concluded.

Brian had to take nine stitches to his mouth. Six inside his lower lips and three outside his lower lip.

He might need to play in protective face mask henceforth.

In his parting comments with, the ‘most improved player’ award winner from last season had this to say, “I pray that the referees do more to protect players. That was a hard-fought game with a lot of physical plays.”

Players are assets to the game of basketball and we hope and pray for a speedy recovery of B-14, formerly B-13

Brian is also a philanthropist who in recent time has been seen making donations to the needy in communities.