The hashtag #BringBackOurBasketball is currently trending in the Liberia basketball circle. The hashtag seems to have originated because of the long break in the basketball season.

The last season games were in October of 2022 and since then there have been no official games or tournaments by the Liberia Basketball Association.

LBA 3rd Division Champions Spartacus Basketball Team Head coach Well Drogba (Wellay T. Baar) in a frustrated manner had this to say in one of the basketball whatsapp group, Talk Basketball;

Dear Basketball Leadership,

I am writing to express my disappointment with the way things have been handled. As a fan/player/coach and member of the basketball community, I have observed a lack of transparency and communication in the decision-making process, which has led to confusion and frustration among members of the community.

The recent decisions, particularly regarding the election process and the turning over of leadership, have not been in the best interest of the basketball community, and it has left many of us feeling unsupported and unheard. The lack of clear communication and explanation has only added to the disappointment and frustration.

I understand that leadership often involves making tough decisions, but it is important that those decisions are made with the best interest of the community in mind. It is also important that there is transparency and communication throughout the decision-making process, so that the community can understand the reasoning behind those decisions and have a say, but instead you guys are doing this entirely on your own.

I urge you to take steps to improve transparency and communication in the decision-making process, and to work towards making decisions that are in the best interest of the basketball community. We, as a community, deserve to be heard and supported.

Basketball is almost dead and all of you guys (The Leadership) are to blame and if you guys don’t know, you are one of the reasons young people are going astray because the sports that keep them off the streets is dead and you guys are playing with these children future and God will judge your. (sic)

I suggest that both parties step aside because I don’t think you guys are ready for basketball, you guys ( The Leadership) are too busy to help basketball grow, so do the honorable thing for Christ sake.



She went on to further exclaimed;

“I really want to know how do you guys (The Leadership) sleep at night, knowing that you have a responsibility to young people passion, dreams and aspirations and you are killing it because no one wants to leave power/positions because it’s their inheritance.

During your active days, were you guys (The Leadership) treated like this? why are you guys pushing these children in the streets? for Christ sake why kill these kids future of becoming the next star that could put Liberia on the map, why?

You guys keep traveling and having your fun and supporting your children future and dreams and you have thousands children languishing and waiting for a league that take forever to open.

God is watching and history will judge all of you guys that are blame!!!

#BringBackOurBasketball” (sic)

Since her post, several basketball blogs have begun to repost and share her thoughts. This has now led to the hashtag going viral.

We believe that all lovers of the game should rally and join forces to speak truth to power so that the kids can play again. We therefore join the masses in saying, #BringBackOurBasketball !!!

What are your thoughts on the ongoing LBA saga? Comment and let us know.