Bushrod Bulls have gone quiet since their last game of the Big Six when they defeated Cestos Mogars.

Liberia Basketball Network has been out and about to know what is going on.

”We are currently in camp,” Robert Seasay, a member of the Bulls media team, told us. ”We have the players all in an apartment which was specially rented for the team,”

He went on to further inform us that the team is carrying on rigorous training at the LTC Mobile Gym outside Monrovia, in Paynesville.

We came across Coach Erik at the Pythons, Oilers game. ”We are practising daily,” he told us, ”and our boys are each expecting $100 for their sneakers for the play-offs.”

Richard Tobi this week posted a photo of what seems to be a new set of jerseys for the Bulls team.

We also met Carlos Marshall after last night’s game and quizzed which team he would like to meet in the play-offs. ”We are ready for anyone,” the Bulls ace said.

If we will have to go by past results on the best fit match-up for the Bulls we will go for Invincible Eleven who has defeated them twice this season.

Well readers, there you have it. The Bulls’ players are not sleeping but are getting ready to make history.

How prepared  they are will soon be known.