The LBA 2022 Season is well underway and things are taking shape for most teams. Yes, most not all.

Most teams has one way all another gotten their players to play as they want. Even with a couple of hiccup they are still managing to keep afloat.

Then there are those who seem to be in it for the sake of participation and not to compete.

Not throwing shade at any team but just wondering, what is currently on their mind?

Is it to tank till the end of the season? Well, tanking is no benefit to any team in Liberia. We do no have a draft class system.

This season there is only nine division one teams in the first round. If we are to go by the normal league rules, only one might not make it to the next round of eight.

Currently lying at the bottom of the league tables are , Monrovia Pistons and .

Pistons and Commissioners both lost last night thus deepening their woes.


Monrovia Pistons815171151


Desert Knights1418131762
Commissioners (m)867627

As we draw closer to the end of the first round, who do you think stand the chance of the three to make it to the next round? Lets know your thoughts below.