Darlington Jallah is one heck of a player making waves in the second division of the Liberia Basketball Association 2022 season. The combo-guard plight his trade with Sac-Base. It is always thrilling to watch him play and he has obtained the nickname, Rim Breaker, as he has twice broken the rims at the SKD Gym in Paynesville.

Darlington, aka, Le Bron, has a natural leaping ability. One will see him before games at warm-ups throwing down tomahawks!!!

Darlington posted on his social media page wearing the NPA Pythons jersey. He captioned the post “We are Pythons!”

LBN reached out to the young player to inquire and he had this to say; “Since I posted the video on my day, so many people reached out to me,” ending with a long laughter.

The Invincible Eleven team manager has been heard saying that Darlington will be in their yellow jersey next season. Word also has it that the Oilers are going after the young chap.

If we are to judge by his post, probably his mind is currently leaning more towards the boys in green. We believe he will make a magnificent fit as Pythons consists of coaches who are noted for building young players as compared to other contenders who want ‘ready made’ players

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