All attention on today’s match will be on I.E. They are yet to pick up a win in three outings. Although the team is made up of formidable players, they just seem not clicking at the right spots.

Invincible Eleven will this evening be going against Cestos Mongars. The Cestos boys has been showing strong outing in their last two matches, despite coming out short of a win.

Words on the street that a lost today for the ‘Yellow Boys’ might have some heads to roll.

A couple of names has been mentioned for the chopping block, including the coach and some key players.

Cestor Mongars will not also take things laying back.

They will need to prove that their performances against their previous two opponents is not a fluke.

Mohamed Z Traore is averaging 25PTS in his past four games. He has score a total of one hundred points in those games.

Coach Nimely of I.E. doesnt seem bother about his side poor performances.

“I was ask to put together a team and not to win a championship,” the coach told

He went on to say that this season was just to put the players together and with time they will blend.

The club still received massive support as evidence in the arrival of their home kit and sneakers for the players.

Technical Director for the team was posted on Facebook displaying the items.

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