Ernest Bestman is one of Liberia’s finest PG. He played with LPRC Oilers before leaving to Cyprus to further his education and ply his trade.

Ernest was a part of an exodus of Liberian players who are currently in Cyprus. He has so far won a championship for his school and word is that he has received attention from notable clubs in Europe.

Ernest recently got engaged to his sweetheart.

Therefore it is surprising to know that Ernest Bestman will be in action tomorrow against Invincible Eleven.

LBN was reached out to two days ago that Ernest was already en route to Liberia and we should expect him in jersey on Sunday. The source which asked to remain anonymous said that they want it to be a surprise to the basketball fans.

Well, it is no secret now, right? It will be a great boost to the Oil Boys who badly need a win come Sunday.

LPRC Oilers in their last game against Mighty Barrolle saw the return of Jethro Bing and Moucta Toure. Although both showed some flashes of their skill set, one could easily see that rust had settled in and they will in a couple of more games to shake it off.

Is there enough time for such a thing? Only time will tell.

The coming of Ernest should be welcoming and we can’t wait to see what new arsenal he has added since leaving the shores of Liberia.

In a Facebook reply, Ernest wrote when quizzed about his coing been a breaking news; “Not breaking news La jumping news .” Always a jolly good fellow he is!!!!!

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