Exciting news for Liberian basketball fans! The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has announced a donation to the Liberian Basketball Association (LBA) that will significantly boost the development of 3×3 basketball in the country.

LBA SG at the Zone 3 office in Ivory Coast

In a recent email communication, FIBA’s African Manager, Mihary RANDRIANA, informed Liberia’s National 3×3 Coordinator, Claudius Thompson, about the donation. FIBA will be providing 10 3×3 basketballs and a scoreboard to support the LBA’s efforts in promoting this fast-paced and exciting variant of basketball.

This donation underscores FIBA’s commitment to growing 3×3 basketball globally. As RANDRIANA stated, “the more a Federation gets involved in our activities, the more we try to help in different ways to push them even further.”

This commitment is further exemplified by the recent visit of Liberia Basketball Association Secretary General Calvin Diggs to the FIBA headquarters in Ivory Coast. During his visit, Diggs met with top officials from the Ivory Coast Basketball Federation and high-ranking FIBA members. These meetings are a positive sign for the future of basketball in Liberia, with both 3×3 and traditional formats set to benefit from this increased collaboration.

All players in Liberia interested in taking part in upcoming event can sign up by clicking here. If you are interested in hosting or promoting an event, kindly contact the national coordinator by email claudius@3x3liberia.com

A Brief History of 3×3 Basketball

While basketball has traditionally been a 5-on-5 game, 3×3 has emerged as a popular alternative in recent years. The format originated from urban streetball culture and was formally recognized by FIBA in 2007. 3×3 games are played on a half-court with modified rules, making them faster, more dynamic, and more accessible than the traditional game.

The fast-paced nature and reduced team size make 3×3 ideal for both outdoor and indoor play. This FIBA donation will provide Liberian athletes with the equipment they need to compete and further develop their skills in this exciting sport.

We at Liberia Basketball Network are excited about this development and look forward to seeing 3×3 basketball explode in popularity across Liberia. With FIBA’s support and the LBA’s dedication, the game has the potential to become a major force in Liberian basketball, fostering a love for the sport and unearthing future basketball stars.