The Liberia Basketball Association has released the final standings and fixtures for the 2022 Final Four.

Here are the top four at the end of the Big Six per divisions:

Division One

  1. Bushrod Bulls
  2. Mighty Barrolle
  3. Invincible Eleven (m)
  4. NPA Pythons

Division Two

  1. Royal Legends
  2. Highway Kings
  3. Visioneers
  4. Barnesville Dragons

Female Division

  1. Commissioners (f)
  2. Invincible Eleven (f)
  3. Vision Angels
  4. Desert Ladies

Division Three

  1. Dreamers
  2. Spartacus
  3. Hoops Care
  4. Vision Angels

The pairing for this phase is 1v4, 2v3. The games will be played in a best out of three series with the winners moving to a best of five final series.

If promotions is to go as it was last season, it means those who qualified in D2 and D3 will find themselves in the divisions currently above them come next season.

All games will be played at the SKD Gym in Paynesville. Which matchup are you going to watch? Comment and let us know and of course, keep following Liberia Basketball Network on all social platforms and our websites for daily updates.