FSLB, is short for Friends and Supporters of Liberian Basketball, Inc. A non-profit, volunteer basketball organization comprised primarily of former players and supporters in the Diaspora who have come together to promote and support the evolution and sustainable development of basketball in Liberia.

The mission of FSLB is to establish a collaborative relationship with the Liberian Basketball Federation in order to provide and support a well-balanced, enriched and structured environment conducive to teach and develop fundamental basketball skills in Liberia.

The installation was done last night through the Zoom platform. Those in attendance had an opportunity to see, meet, and greet FSLB’s newly elected officers, listen and learn FSLB’s primary purpose (FSLB core purpose for developing, improving, and changing the lives of young Liberians that includes developing, promoting basketball for maintaining social responsibility, mobility, youth development, healthy living and public good.), new direction moving forward and possibly some near future agendas for promoting and developing Liberian youths basketball in Liberia.

newly installed officials includes; Mr. Melvin Hall (President), Mr. James N. Verdier (Vice President), and Mr. Patrick Worjloh (Chairman of the Board)

Liberia Basketball Network will keep you posted on the progress of this initiative as they engage the larger community of Liberian basketball enthusiasts to join them in developing basketball in Liberia.