The Hoops Angels tipped off their season in the Liberia Basketball Association Female Division on a tough note, falling to the Desert Ladies 36-45. However, there’s plenty of reason for optimism for the young Angels squad.

A New Era for Hoops Angels

This season marks a fresh start for the Hoops Angels, with over 80% of the team playing their first competitive game. Only two players return from the previous season, highlighting a focus on rebuilding for the future. Despite the inexperience, the young Angels displayed a promising determination on the court.

Defense Shines Despite Turnovers

The Angels impressed with their defensive effort, holding the Desert Ladies for three quarters with a man-to-man defense strategy. However, a rough shooting night combined with a high turnover count – both teams combined for 40 turnovers – ultimately hampered their offensive performance.

Aisha Lassana Leads the Charge

Aisha Lassana, a new signing for the Hoops Angels, emerged as a bright spot. The young talent led all scorers with 11 points and 3 assists, showcasing her offensive capability.

Looking Ahead: Room for Growth

While the loss stings, the Hoops Angels can take away valuable lessons from their opening game. With a focus on improving shooting accuracy and reducing turnovers, this young team has the potential to develop into a real contender.

The wait for the Hoops Angels’ next matchup might be a bit longer based on the current schedule. In the meantime, they’ll have time to work on their game and build on the defensive foundation they laid in their debut.

The Desert Ladies, on the other hand, will face a tough test in their upcoming game against the two-time defending champions, the Commissioners.

Here’s to Hoops Angels! While the season started with a setback, their determination and glimpses of individual talent suggest a bright future ahead. This young team is one to watch in the Liberia Basketball Association Female Division.