Rule 24 of the 2021/2022 rules and regulations which governs this season states clearly:

Phase 1: Single round Home and Away

Mr. Fred Pratt, ASG for the LBA in a response to publication on Mr. John Dukuly displeasure regarding home & away fixture had this to say:

I am very surprise on his (John Dukuly) comments.  Didn’t he read the rules? Every team was given a copy of the rules and regulations for the current season. If there is an issue for the rules to be amended, he can meet the LBA and we can discuss. Let him read the rules!

Well the rules is the rule and this should be an end to the discussion whether round robin or not.

The away  fixtures are due out anytime soon.

Unconfirm report has NPA Pythons going up against Desert Knight. Bushrod Bulls is expected to host Mighty Barrolle on the 14th of May.

NB: These are tentative dates.