John Reed Jr is a passionate lover of the game of basketball. From his early teen days his life has been nothing but basketball which has drawn a lot of admires as well as critics in his corner.

John Reed Jr has traveled a lot because of the sport. Before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, he was on holiday in Liberia from China, where he was engaged in a lot of basketball activities while in school.

On any day sitting and discussing, none other topic of interest except that of basketball is on the agenda.

Even while on the court and playing, John will be interacting with fans discussing the game. came across a video posted by 231 BallLife with John interacting with spectators during one of his recent games against Cestos Mogars in the 2022 LBA League.

John Reed Jr shared the post with the below caption:

Time is a factor in basketball! 4wins in a row!… All they say now is┬ácongratulations. The only country I have seen people play in the highest division for about 20years but can’t analyzed the game. We need a basketball talk show in liberia fr! So the world can hear the nonsense I hear everyday. (sic)

One thing for a fact, we do need a radio talk show dedicated to basketball in Liberia.

(Courtesy 231 BallLife)

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