The LBA season is set to tip-off again this Wednesday after a short hiatus for the National County Meet. While some teams have wasted no time jumping back into practice, others are scrambling to get back in game shape.

One team making headlines is Cestos Mogars. While their rivals have been sweating it out on the court, Cestos Mogars has been busy on the recruiting front, looking to bolster their roster.

Enter Prince Ugbana. This 6’11” Nigerian import towered over everyone else at the YMCA gym today, instantly turning heads. Details on Ugbana’s past performance remain under wraps, but one thing is for sure: size like that is a rare commodity.

Ernest Bestman, the skipper of his team didn’t want to reveal more info on their import. Wait and see was his only comment.

This move by Cestos Mogars is a clear statement of their championship aspirations. While his playing style remains a mystery, adding a dominant center like Ugbana instantly upgrades their interior defense and gives them a major rebounding advantage.

Will Ugbana be the missing piece that propels Cestos Mogars to the LBA title? With the season restarting this Wednesday, we won’t have to wait long to find out! One thing’s for certain, the rest of the league will be watching closely.