Calling all basketball fans in Liberia! Get ready to jump for joy because according to a buzz in the LBA Whatsapp group, Liberia will be hosting the Women’s Basketball Championship League Africa Qualifiers this November! 🇱🇷

This is a massive moment for Liberian basketball, especially for the women’s game. The Women’s Basketball Championship League Africa (WBCLA) is a relatively new competition launched in 2021. It features the top women’s club teams from across Africa battling it out for the coveted title of WBCLA champion.

Here’s a quick WBCLA history lesson: The inaugural season in 2021 saw teams from eight African countries compete. The tournament was dominated by Angolan teams, with Primeiro de Agosto eventually emerging victorious. The 2022 season saw the addition of two more teams, bringing the total to 10. This year’s winner is yet to be determined, but with Liberia hosting the qualifiers, we can expect some serious competition!

The news has already sent a wave of excitement through the LBA Whatsapp group, with fans eagerly anticipating November. This is a golden opportunity for Liberian basketball fans to witness some of the best women’s basketball talent Africa has to offer, right on their home turf. It’s also a chance for the Liberian national team, or any participating Liberian clubs, to showcase their skills on the big stage.

So, mark your calendars for November, Liberian basketball fans! The WBCLA Qualifiers are coming to town, and it promises to be an electrifying event. Let’s get behind our Liberian teams and make this a truly unforgettable tournament! 🇱🇷