LTC MOBILE  MANAGEMENT donates promotional materials to Bushrod Bulls in preparation for their LBA Finals against Mighty Barrolle.

The items were donated by a high-ranking staff of LTC. She thanked the team management especially in their transparency regarding funds received.

“Thanks for your fairness in the funds you received from us. Your records and that which I have on file shows the same thing,” she commented.

The LTC staff also noted that they are hoping to have the team a part of their CSR.

“It will be good to have a communication center open so that revenue from it can sustain the team,” she added.

Officials of Bushrod Bulls thanked the LTC Mobile for their continuous support and promised to win the championship.

This is a boost to the team as they continue their historical run for the championship tomorrow.

We hope other corporate bodies can emulate what LTC is doing for Liberia basketball in promoting the sport at home and beyond.