In an effort to get the kids off the street and keep them busy while school is close, Mama Jama Ultimate Sports will for the first time organise a one-month Children Day Camp Basketball Program in 3 of its established programs. ( New Georgia Estate, New Kru Town, and Logan town).

The camp is in collaboration with Friends & Supporters Liberia Basketball (FSLB) and Great Ball Players, all of USA.

This is a pilot project for this year. They are hoping to extend it to other communities next year.

The Children’s Day Camp Basketball program will run for one month in two phases.

Phase one will be a two weeks Basketball Fundamental skills training, and phase two will be a two weeks Basketball tournament.

This program will cater to kids between the ages of 7 years to 12 years old Boys and Girls.

Requirements for registration are as follows:
LD $400.00 for the form and registration fee
Each Participant will come to the program every day with a white t-shirt and black shorts
Each participant is responsible to bring their own water and food for lunch.

The program will take place in the following venues:
New Georgia Estate…… New Georgia Estate High school court.
New Kru Town…… REBA/ Great Ball Players Court Lagoon New Kru town
Logan Town…… Jeremiah Bing Bushrod Bull Basketball Court in the Bing yard.

They will have five well-known coaches/ trainers for each program. The kids will not be learning basketball but also fellow-shipping and interacting.

This is a plus for Liberia youth basketball. Kudos to the organisers!!!