Mama Jama is about to put another feather to their already feathery cap! If you don’t know about Mama Jama, here is a description of them on their Facebook Group Page:

Mama Jama Basketball is a program being organized with the sole objective to serve as breeding ground for the development of female and youth basketball players in Liberia. This Program will serve the purpose of developing and uplifting female and youth basketball in Liberia.

The brain behind MJUS is no other than Mr. Jonathan N. Harvey. In recent years, the program has been host to a numerous community tournament. They have also been instrumental in the construction and renovation of community basketball courts, especially the Bing Court in Logan Town.

“Youth basketball should be played in the community,” Mr. Harvey has been heard numerous times saying whenever he is in the country.

He is not alone in such an opinion. Time passed, the third division was played in communities thus increasing participation of the youth as well as getting the communities actively engaged in it.

Credible information reaching states that negotiation to transfer the D3 under MJUS has almost been concluded.

The news has many D3 players scrambling to qualify to the upper division to avoid being ineligible to play in the LBA/Mama Jama League when it resumes next season.

The organizers are very strict when it comes to age restriction in their program which is exclusively for youth 16U. wholeheartedly welcomes this development for basketball in Liberia.

Do you think basketball going back to the communities is a big boost for the sport in the country? Let us know your thoughts in the comment.