Harris Mutombo Lawuba saga with the Invincible Eleven Basketball Team continues. The shot blocker is yet to see action with his club for over two months and counting.

Liberiabasketball.net reached out to him to inquire what was going on basketball-wise. Since the report about him been in or out of the team, many teams has been reaching out for his service.

“I have to pay back the money,” Mutombo said.

He is referring to the signing bonus each player was given upon joining the team.

“That was what I learnt upon discussion with Mr. Pratt.” He continued.

Fred Pratt is the Acting Secretary General of the Liberia Basketball Association.

The decision whether he is to pay back his signing or not is primarily left with Mr Boniface, who is a high level official of the club. He is currently away from the country.

I don’t have problems with that I will pay back the 150 they give to me, I told Mr. Pratt that I will pay back their money, they are supposed to give me 300 hundred, they even owe me for three months, the total amount of money they own me is 450 Dollars, plus my balance signature fee will be USD 550, I will leave all that and pay back the $150 they give to me, I will be in action in the second round.

We are hoping to see the big man back in action. He will be a plus to any side he lands on.

Word is that Mighty Barrolle is hoping to have him return.

“Only one team I am yet to play for in Liberia, and that is NPA Pythons. They will be my first choice if approached by them,” Mutombo concluded.

What are your thoughts on this saga? Which team will he best fit on? Comment below.