Nigerian Duo of Mighty Barrolle, Anec Ejeh and Celestine Nwafor, have their eyes set on their team winning back to back championships.

Both have experienced what it takes to play the kind of basketball which is noted in Liberia both physically and mentally. The Rollers twin towers has started to understand each other late in the season and what a time for them to get to know how to fit in their team system.

Their exploits in Liberia basketball have not come without challenges. There are games in which they didn’t contribute much and still got the win because the home based players stepped up their game.

But there is one team they have their sights on. Their contribution to Liberia basketball will only be acknowledged if they can defeat Bushrod Bulls.

It is no news that this season, the Bulls have totally manhandled the Pepper Boys, winning every encounter when they meet.

The duo can dominate as it was seen in the match they played against LPRC Oilers. In that match, Anec had six assists of which three was given to his Nigerian teammate.

Anec also had a monster dunk which is a candidate for ‘Dunk of the Year!’

The two have tomorrow to show us that they are really ready. Mighty Barrolle will be playing against Invincible Eleven A loss for Barrolle might see them seeded third thus setting up a clash against nemesis Bushrod Bulls.

Do you think the Nigerian duo can help Mighty Barrolle retain their championship? Comment and let us know.