NPA Pythons and defending champion Mighty Barrolle are set for a pre-season thriller. Both teams last met in the 2022 season.

The Rollers are replacing LPRC Oilers who were set to play Pythons but circumstances beyond their control came up.

Nonetheless, Mighty Barrolle contacted Pythons and we now have a fracas for this Sunday at the Sports Commission.

What is expected to standout is that some players who were on Pythons’ roster last season will see themselves playing against their former club for the first time.

John Williams and Joel Martor both became free agents and decided to take their talent to the Red Boys.

NPA Python is also set to unveil a new looking team composed of a lot of young talents who they are hoping can build a dynasty with.

Mighty Barrolle currently has two imports one of which suited for NPA Pythons two seasons ago.

Be there and don’t be told!!!!

It’s this Sunday, April 9th at 4PM. Admission; LD$300