Rose Emmanuel and the Commissioners continued their dominant run through the season with a resounding 102-44 victory over the Vision Angels on Saturday. This win further cements their position at the top of the league standings, leaving many wondering who can challenge their supremacy.

The star of the show once again was Rose Emmanuel, who put on a season-high performance across the board. Emmanuel started the game on fire, draining her first three three-point attempts to give the Commissioners a commanding 9-0 lead. Her dominance continued throughout the game, with an impressive 17 of 24 shots made from within the paint, finishing with a season-high 55 points.

Mirelle Nhe provided another strong showing for the Commissioners, notching a double-double with 26 points and 14 rebounds. Her efficiency inside the paint was undeniable, converting 11 of her 14 attempts. Ebony Manyango led the scoring effort for the Vision Angels with a respectable 19 points and 9 rebounds, but it was simply not enough to overcome the relentless scoring of Emmanuel and Nhe.

This victory further extends the Commissioners’ undefeated streak and leaves the rest of the league scrambling to find an answer. Their opponents continue to be blown out, raising the question: who can challenge the Commissioner’s reign?