All is set tomorrow for the start of the defense of their title. Commissioners (s) once again are into the finals, unbeaten. Their impressive run to the finals has seen them outscored their opponents 20+ points margins.

Rose Emmanuel is averaging nearly 30pts a game. Playing out of Nigeria, this is her second season for Commissioners (f). Last season she was a part of the team, winning the championship.

Michelle Nyanneh is averaging double. She currently averages 16PPG to go along with 17RPG. With the combination of Rose and Michelle, Commissioners (f) are set to retain their championship.

If the Invincible Eleven female are to even make this final quite competitive, Mirelle Nhe will have to carry the team on her back as she has been doing all season. She can not do it alone and might need help from Abigail Jarrett and Aymerlyn Brooks.

The odds are  stacked against IE who is set to battle a much youthful side in Commissioners (f).

The female final is scheduled for a best of five series. The Game one is tomorrow September 15 at 5:00PM. The Game two will be on Sunday at 5:00PM also. Game three is expected to be played on Wed, September 21.

All games will be played at the SKY Gym in Paynesville.

We predict a 3-0 series win by Commissioners (f). What other predictions do you have? Comment and let us know.