Sampson Bernard. prexy of the Bushrod Bulls in a telephone conversation with LNB rubbished an earlier report by our network that LTC Mobile had pulled out their support for his team.

“LTC Mobile and us are in a good working relationship,” Mr. Bernard said. “We are grateful to the LTC Mobile management for their continuous support to the team. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to them.”

Sampson Bernard also took the time to inform his support base mainly from Logan Town to discredit the report and turn up in their numbers for Saturday’s game.

“Our fans should not worry, we are still LTC boys and they should come out and continue to support their darling boys. We are going to defeat Cestos Mogars massively!!!” he added cheerfully.

“Look, we just defeated Barrolle, which has three foreign players. That has encouraged the LTC management to continue their support towards the team, so retract your story.” Sampson concluded.

We hear you sir, but note our source is very much credible and we will be following closely.