Simeon Kennedy had the SKD Gymnasium erupted in pandemonium last night as the T.S. Warriors snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in a heart-stopping LBA Division Two 2024 League matchup against the Royal Legends! The Legends dominated the scoreboard for most of the game, but the Warriors never gave up, and with two seconds left on the clock, magic struck!

Simeon Kennedy, the night’s leading scorer with a phenomenal 28 points, became the hero of the hour. With the score down and tension thick in the air, “Sim Sim” launched a daring three-pointer from behind the arc! The net swished, and the crowd went wild! The seemingly impossible comeback was complete!

The Royal Legends, stunned by the sudden turn of events, called a timeout with just two seconds remaining. But the momentum had shifted undeniably. In their desperation to reclaim the lead, the Legends committed a costly turnover – their 15th of the night – sealing their fate. The final buzzer sounded, and the T.S. Warriors emerged victorious in an epic display of resilience!

T. Katiah had a valiant effort for the Legends, putting up 18 points, 8 rebounds, and 3 assists, but it wasn’t enough to counter the magic of Simeon Kennedy and the unwavering spirit of the Warriors. The court was flooded with ecstatic fans celebrating the improbable win – a testament to the power of belief and a never-say-die attitude!

This game will undoubtedly go down in LBA history as one of the most thrilling comebacks ever witnessed. The T.S. Warriors have proven that anything is possible when you have heart, hustle, and a sharpshooter like “Sim Sim” on your side!

T.S. Warriors next encounter is against city rival Highway Kings this Friday while Royal Legends will lock horn with Sac Base in the first game of the day this Sunday.