SAMUEL DAVIDSON is definitely a Hall-of-Famer when it is all said and done. None can walk in this man’s shoes. He has done it all in basketball for family, country and club and we are thankful to the Creator for someone like him.

SAMUEL DAVIDSON popularly known in basketball circles as Bulldog is an inspiration to many who are either players or fans of basketball in and outside Liberia. This great player’s name will be cemented in the history of basketball forever.

Give honor to whom honor is due.

We salute you big player and although you would want to cap an illustrious career by winning another championship, truth be told, you have nothing else to prove. Whenever you decide to hang those sneakers, do it with pride and dignity.

A part of Team Flight Brothers....the guy could fly and no one could throw down electrifying duns like him even up to present!!!!
A member of the National Team of Liberia. You did it all!!!!
Injured representing his country!!! A gallant soldier!!!!
Ley man cant make whacking lazy yaa!!!! He living to eat not eating to live o!!!
Numerous recognition awards. Here he is seen being awarded by the Juntas of Newport Street
Multitalented athlete. Yes o, he also play tabela!!!!
Ley guy geh fans wherever he goes from both male and female. Who will not want to take photo with our guy?!
You don't have to be a team mate to him for him to wish you well. A selfless guy!!!
With his numerous awards
Champion for life!!!!!!
A family man! My mannnnn!!!!!