The Acting Secretary General of the Liberia Basketball Association, Mr. Fred Pratt has announced relocation of the rest of the 2022 match fixture to the SKD Gym outside Monrovia.

The move came about after heavy downpour of rain caused the disruption of the match between Mighty Barrolle and Bushrod Bulls on Saturday.

The next day also witnessed suspension of games due to the rain.

Mr. Pratt in a WhatsApp post wrote:

This is to inform you that all games will be played at SKD Gym, starting Wednesday May 18, 2022 at 3:30 pm. Because of the rain.

He also announced the fixture for Wednesday which is a continuation of matches which was earlier released for the Sports Commission venue.

The Sports Commission is an open air arena which over the years is considered the Meca for basketball in the country. Unfortunately, due to it being uncovered, it is not ideal to run games during the rainy season.

The announcement has brought mixed reactions. Some hail it but others don’t.

Players and supporters who live in the Paynesville area see it as it is time the league come closer to home, while others argue that the distance is not favorable for attendance.

Some schedule the timing as currently the fixture of the annual ministerial games is expected to start tomorrow.

“The equipment used for basketball in Liberia is only one a piece. Therefore we need to move to the complex so that both the ministries and the LBA can use this equipment,” a source within the LBA said.

While there are pros and cons, the pros seem to outweigh the cons mainly because of the current season we are in, which is the rainy season.

One thing is certain, we do not expect another high profile game to be rescheduled due to rain.

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