Tues Morris and his Cestos Mogars are expected to tame the raging Bushrod Bulls on this coming Saturday at the SKD Indoor Gymnasium located outside Monrovia, in Paynesville.

Tues seems to be sending a cryptic message to the Bulls in his recent Facebook post sighted by LBN.

A line in the post went, “Plan while they party 🎉.”

The Bushrod Bulls had a mini party the night they defeated the Mighty Barrolle.

Video of the ‘jolly jolly’ was posted online by the Bulls media man.

Tues could be making reference to that for all that we know or perhaps, the guard was just in the zone letting people know that he was taking no day off as the full post below read:

Work while they sleep
Plan while they party 🎉
Save while they spend
And live their Dreams life
Hustle like we has no fans
We shall grind like nobody had our back
We got the bulls in 2days n we ready to make history
Off practice section 💪🏿
Work out 💪🏿
Let’s go Mogars♥️
Cestos Mogars we moved 🏀♥️💯
The post was shared in the Cestos Mogars group;  showing their two Guinean imports on one of the basketball courts at the Invincible Park.
OK Tues, we have heard you…come Saturday we await to see you walk the talk!
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