Ansu Kamara, captain of the Monrovia Pistons, is currently nursing an injury he sustained during practice. In a Facebook Story post, he placed photos of his knee.

The photos showed his knee swollen and been iced.

It is unclear how the injury was sustained but this is bad news for the already short handed Monrovia Pistons team.

Ansu Kamara, aka, Alarm Blow, is a key part of the structure of his team. He might not be showing much on the stat sheet as he averages 3.6PTS and almost seven rebounds in his last eight games. Alarm Blow is known for his leadership abilities in steering his team mates game after game.

“My knee has some pain inside so it causes the swelling,” Ansu said when reached out to.

He was spotted in the crowd during I.E. victory over Bushrod Bulls.

“It was like that when I came to the game last night,” he added.

Whether he will be out for the season or miss any game he had this to say:

I am working on it. It will be a big gap on my team, so I will try as hard as possible to kill the pain is wishing him speedy recovery as his side is expected to be in action in the coming days.