Coach Varfley Corneh adds his voice to the ‘Oilers qualified over Pythons’ debate which has been going on since our last post . It seems that some basketball players, supporters and pundits don’t understand FIBA classifications. 

These discussions has been going on in basketball groups as well as WhatsApp group chats.

In this regards, the veteran coach and former player who has many years experience in the league had his input on the whole sage in the LPRC Oilers Basketball Fan Page.

I honestly followed and had a discussion within the Talk Basketball … LBA chat room on WhatsApp concerning the failure of our team Oilers to the Big 4.
According to the league table standing… Oilers did played 4 games and have the average of 5pts.( Won 1 and lost 3). But have a game on hand.
Win: 2 pts.
Lost:1 pt. And Pythons played 5 games already and have the average of 7 pts.(won 2 and lost 3. So if Oilers even win her game on hand still she won’t qualify because of the head to head between the two even with equal points…7 pts.a piece.
Please read the standard FIBA rules on classification below concerning two teams involve in qualifying…it is the same with Barolle and Bulls…both played equal games with the same points but Bulls beat Barolle so she went #1 in the standing..#2 Barolle…#3 IE.. .#4 pythons…so the paring format is…
2vs3…. this is not the global or international standard used by FIBA but it was written in the LBA guidelines governing the league but nobody question the LBA leadership so it stands.
This is the FIBA standard:
2vs4…..The LBA Big 4 pairings are:
BAROLLE vs IE.(don’t know the games schedules)
Coach Spiro
Just thinking.,
We want to appreciate Coach Varfley Corneh, aka Coach Spiro, for his time in educating us on this matter and hope it is now lay to rest.